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GDP compact

Basistraining, June 26, 2019 in Wiesbaden

Basic requirements on GDP for everybody involved in GDP processes.

GDP overview on current requirements
GDP refresher and initial GDP knowledge
How do you work correctly in a GDP environment?
Overview on legal background and a number of GDP processes
Gratis für Sie: Kleiner GMP-Berater Band 08: EU GDP Guidelines.


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amJune 26, 2019 in Wiesbaden
ThemengebietThemengebiet: GDP Gute Vertriebspraxis
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Good Distribution Practice is more and more important. The supply chain gets highly complex e.g. by outsourcing, sourcing in other countries. Therefore, distribution and transport have a higher value than in the past. Marketing Authorisation Holders need to know the complete supply chain from the starting material of the active ingredient up to the finished product. GMP only makes sense if also the last step in the supply chain is under very good control.
Counterfeits also play a big role in the implementation of the GDP regulations.


  • Legal requirements
  • Quality Management
  • GMP vs. GDP
  • Content of GDP Guidelines
  • Import of Medicinal Products
  • MRAs
  • Storage
  • Transport
  • Certificates
  • Responsible Person
  • Hygiene
  • Documentation
  • Qualification and Validation
  • Deviations and Changes
  • Complaints and Recalls


GDP principles Provision of basic knowledge on GDP How to implement the requirements in the day to day work Overview of requirements Specifics of GDP Explanation of wordings and definitions, Elucidation of abbreviations

Who should attend

Personnel working companies or department affected by GDP Personnel in GDP related areas who want to get a compact overview of the GDP requirements. Employees who want to refresh their knowledge but also those who just started in their position.


Navigation in the GDP environment Training in English language Exchange of experience with the other participants and the trainer Certification of the GDP knowledge Workshop GDP/GMP deviations

Industry sector

Wholesalers Distributors of Medicinal Products and APIs Pharmaceutical manufacturers Suppliers of raw materials Service providers, e.g. transportation companies, warehouse providers


Bonusmaterial: Bücher und Produkte gratis
Teilnehmer dieser Veranstaltung erhalten exklusiv und gratis diese Bücher und Produkte

Kleiner GMP-Berater Band 08: EU GDP Guidelines

Durch die Neufassung der EU-Leitlinien für die gute Vertriebspraxis und der deutschen Verordnung über den Großhandel und die Arzneimittelvermittlung, wird das hohe Qualitätsniveau der Herstellung (…)

compact GDP: GDP-Regeln in der Übersicht, 1. Auflage

GDP-Regeln in kompakter Übersicht: Die in 2018 aufgelegte Broschüre enthält die Regeln der Guten Distributionspraxis in verständlicher Form mit erläuternden Grafiken. Exklusives Bonusmaterial: GDP-Checkliste (…)
Hier finden Sie weiterführende Informationen
GDP compliance is in the focus of the authorities✓ Do you want to know how to implement the requirements? Here is your chance - join the seminar and get your certificate.
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  • Clear and direct message
  • Training material well prepared
  • Examples
  • Training was held in English language
  • Detailed introduction into GDP

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am: June 26, 2019,
Beginn: 09:00 Uhr, Ende: ca. 17:00 Uhr


760,- € zzgl. 19% Mwst., schließt ein Mittagessen sowie Dokumentation und Getränke während der Veranstaltung mit ein.


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