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GMP Compact: very useful and interesting

Erstellt am: 01.03.2014
Autor: Dr. Lise Brethous, University of Strasbourg, France, Letzte Änderung: 06.09.2019
My name is Lise Brethous, University of Strasbourg, France. As a Ph.D. in Chemistry, I have decided to get an insight in the GMP rules in order to improve my skills for the pharma industry, especially for Quality Assurance area. I had the opportunity to attend to the Seminar GMP Compact given in English by Dr. Josef Landwehr in Olten on February, 26 th, 2014.

what are GMP and the basic principles
This course was very useful and interesting. Dr Landwehr presented with a very good pedagogy what are GMP and the basic principles. We had an overview of the GMP requirements. The GMP rules in Germany, EU, Switzerland and USA were also presented.
The discussion with Dr. Josef Landwehr were very interactive and useful. At the end of the seminar, we did an evaluation on the different abbreviations used in GMP and explained during the training.

PTStipendium Fellow
I highly recommend this training program to everyone wanting to have an overview on current GMP requirements. Finally, I gratefully acknowledge PTS Training Service for the PTStipendium Fellow, which helped me to attend to this great training. I am sure that this course will help me for my future career.

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