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PTS International

Welcome to the international section of our website

We have recently started updating our complete site in English, to allow us to cater to a broader audience. We can now offer a selection of our training courses, eLearning modules and PTS Connect webinars in English as well as German.

Refresher GMP, GDP, GxP

Do you need a refresher in GMP or GDP compliance work? Are you facing challenges in the approval of medicinal products? Or are you feeling lost in this regulatory jungle?

We are here to help you! Our qualified trainers ensure that you are well-prepared for working in all areas of GMP and GDP compliance, including the approval of medicinal products and other related topics. Below is a list of our current seminars and eLearning modules that are presented in English.

PTS in-house training

You or your team need training in other GxP topics? Something more specific, perhaps, or including your own company documentation and procedures. Or perhaps your team is located at different sites, even spread out worldwide, but you would like them all to participate in the same training. We can help you with that!

PTS in-house training, either through personal attendance by one of our experts, or via a PTS Connect webinar, is the main part of our international program. We believe in customer-focused solutions, rather than offering an out-of-the-box program to everybody. Simply let us know your requirements, and we will build you a made-to-measure training plan.

We can also combine different learning methods in your individual training package. You might like to enhance the information learned in one of our in-house webinars, by also enrolling participants to complete the matching eLearning module in the months following the webinar.

Contact us for details regarding all available options.

Our current line-up of courses held in English

Auf Basis Ihrer Ziele und Anforderungen entwickeln wir für Sie Schulungen, die gesetzliche Vorgaben erfüllen, nach Maß.

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