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Good Documentation Practice compact

Seminar, June 18, 2019 in Wiesbaden
New training in English language
Overview on required GMP documentation
Different types of documentation
Documentation from planning to archiving
Product Quality Review


Dieses Seminar findet zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt statt.
amJune 18, 2019 in Wiesbaden
TeilnehmergebührTeilnehmergebühr790,- Euro

Good Documentation Practice
A well-founded understanding of GMP compliant documentation is important for all GMP- and GMP-related areas. This training has been designed to present an overview on the required GMP documentation as well as the responsibilities of the individuals dealing with the different types of documentation.

API manufacturers, Excipient manufacturers and Service Providers can also benefit from a basic knowledge in documentation requirements. It guaranties an optimal service for the pharmaceutical industry.


Basic information
Regulatory requirements in Switzerland, EU, USA
Purpose of GMP documentation
Good Documentation Practice
Document Management System

Special documentation
Quality Manual
Site Master File
Registration / Marketing Authorisation documentation
Contracts and Quality Agreements

Instructions and records
Manufacturing formulae
Processing, Packaging and Testing Instructions
Records, Reports

General requirements
Structure and content
SOP management

GMP compliance
Issue – check – release
Significance of signatures
Double check, four-eyes principle
Raw data

Workshop on evaluation of deviations


Participants know: The purpose of GMP compliant documentation Regulatory requirements Management of documentation How to plan, issue, implement and archive Different types of documentation The rules to document correctly Significance of signatures/responsibilities SOPs and reports in the day to day work

Who should attend

Employees that need to have a well-founded understanding of GMP documentation Employees from all departments with a requirement for GMP compliant documentation e.g. Personnel who: are involved in the management of documentation issue and maintain GMP documents issue, check or approve SOPs prepare protocols and records maintain logbooks archive documents


Interactive presentations and workshop Exchange of experience with the other participants and the trainer Training in English language

Industry sector

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers API and Excipient Manufacturers Contract Manufacturers and Contract Analytical Laboratories Suppliers e.g. raw materials, equipment Service providers


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Good Documentation Practice is important for everyone in the organisation✓ You want to know more? Here ist your chance - join the seminar!

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am: June 18, 2019,
Beginn: 09:00 Uhr, Ende: ca. 17:00 Uhr


790,- € zzgl. 19% Mwst., schließt ein Mittagessen sowie Dokumentation und Getränke während der Veranstaltung mit ein.


Hotel Oranien
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